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Talking Tuesday: Hello, Summer!

  Ah, summer is finally here, and I can relax for just a little bit before I am sent off to a far away land to do some epidemiological stuff. Let me tell you all about it in about five minutes time. As always, you can download the episode here, or subscribe to it on iTunes here.

Podcast de la semana epidemiologica #226

Hola. Después de varios meses de no publicar el podcast de la semana epidemiologica, aquí les presento el podcast de la semana #26 del año 2014. Le dí el titulo de #226 porque corresponde al segundo año que hago esto y a la semana numero 26. Y así sucesivamente hasta que lleguemos a la semana 52 y comenzamos con #301. ¿Sale?

Dura 12 minutos y estoy muy desorganizado, pero en próximas ediciones voy a estar mas preparado. Bueno, pues que disfruten.

A tag-team presentation on statistics and research studies

My lovely wife and I delivered a presentation (more like a chat) today at the annual conference of the American Mental Health Counselors Association. It was a one-hour presentation on the use (and abuse) of research studies in mental health settings. Coming from an infectious disease background, I felt a little like a fish (not out of water, but) in a different kind of water.

So I did my best to explain some basic biostatistics stuff and how research studies are designed and conducted and why some studies are better than others. As we all learned from the Wakefield fraud, a case series is not necessarily a good design to draw conclusions about causality. Because the practice of mental health counseling is moving more and more towards demanding that all interventions (or as many as possible) be “evidence-based,” I thought it was important to present to the participants what we mean by “evidence” and where that evidence comes from.

There were a few attendees at the beginning, but people trickled down as time went by. This was definitely a different kind of audience than what I’m used to. You’ll see that there was a lot of back-and-forth with a few of the participants, and there were plenty of interruptions. I kind of liked it, actually.

So why “tag-team”? Because my lovely wife introduced the talk and also contributed to the presentation with her perspective on the subject. She is finishing up her master’s degree in mental health counseling. She’s one smart cookie, my wife… Mostly because she married me.

The sound recording of the presentation follows, and you can download a PDF of the presentation by clicking here.

Featured image credit: Brandon Christopher Warren / Foter / CC BY-NC

Entrevista sobre la gripe y la meningitis fúngica

El pasado 23 de Octubre del 2012 tuve la grata experiencia de dar una entrevista a una estación de radio de Washington, DC, sobre la gripe y sobre el brote epidémico de meningitis fúngica. Al principio se escucha un poco de discusión entre la reportera y yo.

La entrevista puede ser escuchada por medio del reproductor multimedia en esta página. Si tu navegador de web no puede reproducir el contenido, tendrás la opción de descargar la entrevista a tu computadora y escucharla ahí.

Featured photo credit: Brandon Christopher Warren / Foter.com / CC BY-NC

My Flu Talk

I gave a 30 minute talk about influenza to a group of sanitarians the other day. The conference was held at Ft. Meade, a military installation. The story I tell at the beginning really did happen… I almost didn’t make it.