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A Day of Protesting in Baltimore

A group of mostly Latin American immigrants held a protest in Baltimore on Thursday, February 16, 2017, to protest the current executive actions on immigration. I took some pictures.


Baltimore’s Cycle of Violence Continues Apace

In the first 30 days of January, there have been 32 homicides in Baltimore City. It's not appropriate to compare these first 30 days to last year's first 30 days, however, because homicide (like other crime) is not directly related to the time of the year. Or, rather, the time of the year has some ...


Where Do You Even Begin?

As some of you know, I am attending Hopkins on a scholarship. One of the perks of the scholarship is that we, the scholars, get to meet some interesting people from in and around Baltimore. These people range from artists to activists, to politicians and authors. They're all very interesting people, even if we sometimes ...


Story of a thesis (Part IV)

In the first part of this series, I told you about Baltimore and the challenges facing the Charmed City. The second part was all about the available data, and what those data told us, which is a lot. In the third part, I told you the story of some kids and how their social network ...


Why hasn’t anyone told me about Social Strain Theory?

One of the questions that I see a lot in the social media postings from the Baltimore City Police Department is "Why?" Many people ask why one person would kill another, or they ask why anyone would kill a child. Then along come the trolls and write a stupid answer to what is a legit ...


Story of a thesis (Part III)

As I told you last time, there are several social network -- that could come to be one big social network -- in Baltimore where crime is not a rarity and where deaths from homicides are common. I don't know about you, but I can count on one hand how many friends and acquaintances I've ...


Story of a thesis (Part II)

Last time, I told you all about Baltimore and how the situation there is kind of crazy with regards to gun violence in general and homicides in particular. Today, I'd like to tell you about what the publicly-available data tell us. However, I'm not talking about data in the traditional sense. The traditional data is ...


Story of a thesis (Part I)

In preparation for my thesis proposal seminar, I've decided to write for you a narrative of what I plan to do. I'll be publishing them every Friday between now and the seminar in the middle of April. This is part one. Let's Talk About Baltimore Baltimore is a city of about 600,000 people located in ...

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Don’t click on the comments

You've probably heard of internet trolls if you've been on the internet for any amount of time. These are people who make it their mission in life to post comments (or other content) with the intention of getting a reaction out of others. Sometimes the comments seem innocent enough, like someone who is "just asking ...


Rest In Peace, Victim Number 5

Back in November of 2013, the Baltimore Police Department had a raid where they arrested a large group of members of Baltimore's "Black Guerilla Family" gang. One of those arrested somehow managed to escape with handcuffs on and was being sought by the Baltimore Police Department shortly after the escape. https://twitter.com/baltimorepolice/status/398921251701268481 The news article about ...