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The Student-As-a-Customer Model Will Be the End of Academia

More and more colleges and universities are treating students as customers, showing them how to push a button or fill in a formula without teaching them how to think and solve problems. I might be old school, but I’d rather train and mentor my future colleagues instead of just showing students how to push a button.

The blind teachers leading the blind students

I’ve been going to school since I was four years old. In those 30+ years, I’ve been the student of some very good teachers and some very bad teachers. The good teachers were good teachers not because they let me get away with not doing a homework or gave me extra credit on an exam. On the contrary, the good…

Going to college is good, though not necessary

According to my mother, it was never a matter of IF I was going to go to college. It was a matter of when. I remember being very young and hearing her talk about my future career in the sciences. (Medicine is what really attracted me, but it was public health that really caught my attention.) In her plans, I…