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Colombia, 2015

It is June 2015 and I’m riding in the smallest of cars on a highway leading out of Barranquilla, Colombia. I’m in the car with an epidemiologist from the state health department, and we are on our way to a place far from the city in a small town in […]

Colombia, Day 25

Barranquilla Skyline

All good things must come to an end. Change is constant. It’s inevitable. My adventure in Colombia has come to an end, and it was good. I’ve learned a lot about how public health is done here, and I’ve learned a lot about myself. The homesickness and feeling of dread was worth it.

Colombia, Day 23

There are places in the world that, given the right circumstances, come to be known as “paradise.” A place with palm trees full of coconuts and mango trees everywhere, right next to a big river and an hour from the beach should be such a place… Except that it isn’t.

Colombia, Day 20

Remember that feeling you got when you were thrown into a seemingly impossible situation, far from all your friends and family, far from all your comforts? I had that feeling for a few days at the beginning of this adventure. Even now, 20 days in, I get the feeling from time to time. But I’ve adapted. I’ve come to understand that different people in different cultures may or may not do things differently. We’re all people. Here are some thoughts of the last three weeks and how my brain has come to let me understand how things work here, and come to terms with them.

Colombia, Day 11


I started telling you about the upcoming lecture, and how I probably ruined a kid’s dreams of being a physician in the United States. But then I somehow went on to tell you about what I’ll do to retire… Oh, and about microscopes and telescopes.