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Ebola Crash Course, Part 2: History

This is the second in a series of quick-ish blog posts on Ebola in light of all the stuff going on. Last time, I talked to you about the virology of Ebola, what it is and what it isn’t. The main take-home point from that post is that it is an RNA virus that is tiny, that belongs to a…

Ebola Crash Course, Part I

Sometime ago, I decided to do an “epidemiology night school” and actually put together several blog posts to introduce lay audiences to the art of epidemiology. It was all the rage back then. With the current Ebola situation, I thought I’d give you a crash course in Ebola from the epidemiological point of view. I must confess that I’m not an…

From Crash Course History: “Disease!”

I will be the first one to agree that diseases have shaped history all along. This video talks about diseases in a historical context, from the bubonic plague to the smallpox epidemics that wiped out so many native colonies in the Americas when the Europeans arrived. It’s about 12 minutes long, and it’s quite entertaining and educative.