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Goodnight, Kitten

I didn’t have a lot of pets growing up. What pets I had were a combination of dogs we inherited or just randomly adopted (or they adopted us), and a cat or two that liked to be around us. Mom had some parakeets once, but then she lost it when […]

Rest In Peace, Victim Number 5

Back in November of 2013, the Baltimore Police Department had a raid where they arrested a large group of members of Baltimore’s “Black Guerilla Family” gang. One of those arrested somehow managed to escape with handcuffs on and was being sought by the Baltimore Police Department shortly after the escape. […]

The intimacy of death

We live in a society that is sharing more and more of our lives on social media. We share what we eat, who we date, where we go, and how we’re feeling. Some share more. Some share less. But almost everyone is sharing something. Some even share too much (e.g. sex tapes and penis pictures, anyone?). But to share death? After the events in Roanoke, Virginia, this morning, a lot of people are looking to find the videos of two people being shot to death. (Others are always looking out for tapes put out by terrorists of beheadings and other executions.) Should we be sharing? Should we be watching? Here are some of my thoughts.

Vaya con Dios, Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott, a long-time sportscaster on ESPN, passed away today at the age of 49. I remember getting ready for work one morning and listening to ESPN radio as they mentioned that Scott had been diagnosed with cancer and would be out of commission for a while. It didn’t seem […]

Ebola, Ebola, Ebola!

All Texas epidemiologists are doing at this point is keeping a keen eye out for any other people presenting with flu-like illness who have been in the immediate vicinity of the Texas case. Other epidemiologists are working with immigration and customs enforcement on how to screen people who are coming into the country from West Africa. And others are deployed to West Africa itself to help the response there. In essence, and contrary to what the media would like to present, this will pass. This outbreak will end, and then something else will come.

Two Lonely Dogs

Two lonely dogs sat by the entrance to the cemetery. Whether they were guarding it or there waiting for the return of their deceased masters, I don’t know. But they helped make the ambiance a lot more tolerable.