Vaya con Dios, Nelson

[quote cite="Nelson Mandela (1918-1913)" url=""]I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.[/quote] I've never been jailed in my life. I've been pulled over and ticketed and fined by police, but I've [...]

Make your plans early and often

I was just reminded of something while watching "In My Own Country," a made-for-TV movie about the HIV/AIDS epidemic through the eyes of a small-town physician. In one scene, a patient of Dr. Verghese is brought to the hospital with acute respiratory distress resulting from a pneumonia. The pneumonia itself was caused by an opportunistic [...]

Vaya con Dios, Ray

NOTE: During my exile from blogging, I had a person who was near and dear to me pass away. I wrote this tribute to him and my friend Todd W. published it on his blog. I almost forgot to copy and paste it here. Almost. So here it is, originally published September 14, 2013:   [...]

My Abuelita

The very earliest memory I have of my maternal grandmother, my Abuelita, is her teaching me the alphabet. I am sitting in a kitchen as she is going through each letter, one by one, on an alphabet set of refrigerator magnets. She then drops one letter, or the letter falls. It falls by the base [...]

The Ultimate Sacrifice

I found out today that the son of one of my coworkers at the lab died overseas while serving in the military. He was just a little bit younger than my brother. This really got me thinking about the kind of men and women that join the military and, unfortunately, die in a military conflict. [...]