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The Big One?

This novel coronavirus pandemic is my third pandemic as a human being (after the HIV and the 2009 H1N1 Influenza pandemics). Is it the big one? Not really. At least I don’t think so.

The diseases you’re going to get

When I was in college, I was living on my own in a little apartment and had to commute into the university (about 30 miles) every day. The commute wasn’t bad. In fact, I spent most of my day at the university, going back to the apartment late in the evening. Those were the days when I could sleep four…

Forget about Ebola in the United States. Focus on Africa.

NOTE: Before you read any further, please consider bidding on an 8×10 print of a palace building in Korea. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. Click here to check it out. Thank you. I called it. I told you all that fear was spreading faster than Ebola, and now it has. A physician in New York City has come…

Ebola, Ebola, Ebola!

All Texas epidemiologists are doing at this point is keeping a keen eye out for any other people presenting with flu-like illness who have been in the immediate vicinity of the Texas case. Other epidemiologists are working with immigration and customs enforcement on how to screen people who are coming into the country from West Africa. And others are deployed to West Africa itself to help the response there. In essence, and contrary to what the media would like to present, this will pass. This outbreak will end, and then something else will come.

Ebola is in the United States, now what?

The fascination with Ebola continues, and it has reached a fever pitch (no pun intended) now that Americans with it are being brought to the US for treatment. Everyone who knows nothing about Ebola is convinced that bringing those Americans back will trigger an epidemic here. This is very unlikely, and, if we check the numbers, we have bigger things to worry about.

Sick of sick people (Slightly NSFW)

There is a public health message in here somewhere…


It’s true. One of the big ways in which you can contribute to public health is by staying home when you’re sick and keeping the illness there. You don’t want to give something very serious to someone who is already sick from cancer or advanced HIV/AIDS.

Then again, why get sick to begin with? Get all your vaccines, wash your hands, and stay away from sick people.

The Next Paradigm Shift in How We Think About Causality

If you paid attention in history class, you may remember that there was a time when we didn’t really know what caused diseases in humans and animals. We used to think that diseases were curses from the gods or the actions of demons and spirits. Because disease was so mysterious, we gave it a fantastical origin. Then came the scientists.…