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The “Fit or Fat” Tax

I went to a convenience store the other morning, and they had a special on orange juice. You could buy one 12oz bottle for $1.79 or two for $3. I took only one. It contained 12oz of orange juice at a caloric cost of 180 calories. The two bottles would […]

Stress relief via slogs

SLOG = “Slow Jog” I’ve been under a ton of stress the last few days because I applied for a doctoral degree at a very prestigious university. They were to make their decision soon. (In fact, as I you read this, they may have already made their decision.) It used […]

Oh, my heart!

I’m wearing a “holter monitor” right now to constantly monitor my heart for a whole day. It’s a little bit annoying, but it will provide some clues on what is going on with my heart. About two weeks ago, while in Omaha, I started getting some really strong palpitations. When […]