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Internecine family fights

Reading about a woman suing her 8-year-old nephew made me think of the inter-familial fights that I’ve witnessed. Some of those fights were brutal. You would think that those fighting each other were not related by blood. And it made me sad for the future if my wife and I have a child.

It’s a business, not a family

The first paying job I ever had was as a paperboy. My cousins and I delivered papers in the neighborhood in El Paso where we lived. It was somewhat enjoyable because it din’t require much brain power. The newspapers would be waiting for me when I got to my aunt’s house […]

Make your plans early and often

I was just reminded of something while watching “In My Own Country,” a made-for-TV movie about the HIV/AIDS epidemic through the eyes of a small-town physician. In one scene, a patient of Dr. Verghese is brought to the hospital with acute respiratory distress resulting from a pneumonia. The pneumonia itself […]

Father and son

[row][span size=’3′][slab_h5][slabtext]”A father is a man who expects his son[/slabtext][slabtext] to be as good a man as he meant to be.” [/slabtext][slabtext]– Frank A. Clark[/slabtext][/slab_h5][/span][span size=’5′] The earliest memory I have of my dad is one where he is arriving to my grandparents’ home and I back all the way […]