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The Parent Ren, Part X: It’s Harder Than It Looks

Some people will tell you that it’s easy to be a parent. They’re lying. It’s not easy to be a responsible parent, especially if you’re also trying to balance a career. You have to learn to let go of some things and embrace other things… Things like the unpredictable nature of a little person who is learning how to adapt to the world around them. It’s a big responsibility, but it comes with great reward, if you’re up to it.

dad and son at the beach

The Man They Wanted Me To Be

The idea of what a man should be like, or should be all about, has certainly changed over the years. It’s changed in my lifetime. But there are some ideas of manliness that are still out there, and they’re hurting men just as much as they hurt others. Growing up, the most macho of men in my extended family wanted me to be a certain way. I was lucky in that the men who counted let me be me. Now, it’s up to me to teach my daughter what being a man is all about, so that one day she can deal with men and — if she so chooses — can choose a man who’ll be her partner in achieving wonders.

The Parent Ren, Part VIII: A Man Raising a Woman

When I think of how hard it must have been for my mother to raise me, I think of the one time we went to the state fair in Juarez. There was a band playing some very loud music, and there were a lot of people dancing and having a good time. Mom and I rode some of the rides…

The Parent Ren, Part VI: It’s Okay to Flip Out

Let’s face it, unless you’ve been a parent before, there is very little that can prepare you for being a parent. I thought I was going to be ready for this adventure from helping mom raise my little brother 30 years ago. I must have lost something in those years, because there was very little I was ready for when…

What makes a father or a dad?

The definition of a father is different than a dad, but both have a heavy influence on who we are and why. My dad was not always around, but plenty of people were willing and able to be fatherly and push me ahead…