We’re about to have a really bad influenza season

Today's weekly national flu report had the following nugget of information under the virology section: "41(48%) of the 85 H3N2 viruses tested have been characterized as A/Texas/50/2012-like, the influenza A (H3N2) component of the 2014-2015 Northern Hemisphere influenza vaccine. 44 (52%) of the 85 viruses tested showed either reduced titers with antiserum produced against A/Texas/50/2012 [...]

Talking Tuesday: The Influenza Kids

About 11 minutes in which I tell you about a group of kids from Africa and SE Asia came to the area and managed to bring the flu with them. Leave it to me to run into the building where they were while not wearing any personal protective equipment. As it turns out, I had all the protection I needed for that time... But I won't do that again.

Interview on the radio

I did the following radio interview back in April of 2010, shortly after the 2009 influenza pandemic, for Maryland Morning. It's ten minutes that seemed eternal to me because of the questions she threw at me. (If you don't see the audio player to play the interview in your browser, you'll see a download link.) [...]