To My Most Conservative Friend

My glass is not half full. It's half empty because I gave the other half of water to someone who was thirsty, just like Jesus would (the Jesus described in the Bible, not the caricature misquoted up on stages of megachurches-slash-concerts). Your glass is half empty because some monster made up in the imagination of Breitbart of Alex Jones or Jenny McCarthy or Andrew Wakefield or Ted Cruz stole your water. Or because you drank it all so no one else could have it.

Vaya con Dios, Ray

NOTE: During my exile from blogging, I had a person who was near and dear to me pass away. I wrote this tribute to him and my friend Todd W. published it on his blog. I almost forgot to copy and paste it here. Almost. So here it is, originally published September 14, 2013:   [...]


Believe it or not, as science-oriented as I am, I am a Christian. And I'm not just a Christian in that I follow the teachings of Jesus Christ. No. I am a Christian in that I believe in the whole thing, the whole shebang. I believe that he was born and lived and died for [...]