EpiRen’s Journal Club: Firearm-Related Hospitalization and Risk of Bad Stuff Thereafter, in Washington State, Between 2006 and 2011

This study is pretty interesting... Researchers in Washington State took hospital records from 2006 and 2007 and found all the firearm-related hospitalizations (FRH) through diagnosis codes. They then matched those cases with hospitalized patients who were not hospitalized for FRH. They used frequency matching, which is one of the various types of matching you do when conducting [...]

Guns and Suicide

This is going to be about suicide. Please click here to be taken to something lighter if you don't feel like reading this today. It will always be here for you to read. I won't get offended if you go check out puppies. I'm not really surprised when I hear that firearms are the preferred [...]

Guns and swimming pools

Quick, what's the difference between a gun and a swimming pool? Don't answer that. It's a stupid question. Anyone with a grade school education -- or even no education -- should be able to tell the difference between the two. However, there continues to be this comparison between guns and swimming pools in trying to [...]