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From there to here and from then to now

The following picture is of my paternal great-grandfather and his three brothers. He’s the second one from the left:   That picture was taken in 1905. The brothers are working on tanning hides to sell them as leather. When I was a little kid, my grandfather took me to the slaughterhouse to see where the meat that I ate came…

From Crash Course History: “Disease!”

I will be the first one to agree that diseases have shaped history all along. This video talks about diseases in a historical context, from the bubonic plague to the smallpox epidemics that wiped out so many native colonies in the Americas when the Europeans arrived. It’s about 12 minutes long, and it’s quite entertaining and educative.


The Next Paradigm Shift in How We Think About Causality

If you paid attention in history class, you may remember that there was a time when we didn’t really know what caused diseases in humans and animals. We used to think that diseases were curses from the gods or the actions of demons and spirits. Because disease was so mysterious, we gave it a fantastical origin. Then came the scientists.…

Video of the day: From Jenner to Wakefield, the long shadow of the anti-vaccine movement

From the video’s description on YouTube:

“From early irrational fears born of outdated medical understanding through to the latest medical research and findings, Professor Gareth Williams traces the history of the anti-vaccination movement and its long tail, reviewing the social settings in which the fears were found and offering a balanced assessment of vaccination as we find it today.”

Looks like we’re in for a long fight…