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The Imbalances of Violence

There’s a theory in criminology called the “Routine Activities Theory.” The theory posits that there are three factors that figure into whether or not violence happens in a particular place and time, and how much violence happens. The three factors are targets, guardians and villains (aka “motivated offenders”). I’ll explain […]

The things that will kill you

Just listening to the news, you’d think that all of us were going to get killed tomorrow from a massive terrorist attack. Heck, some of my colleagues have been going on so much about Zika that they make it seem like we’re all going to die from Zika… Or that a […]

Don’t click on the comments

You’ve probably heard of internet trolls if you’ve been on the internet for any amount of time. These are people who make it their mission in life to post comments (or other content) with the intention of getting a reaction out of others. Sometimes the comments seem innocent enough, like […]

What does data tell us?

You’re probably getting tired of my blog posts about violence in Baltimore. Well, tough. That’s where my “Thesis 2.0”, as it were, is headed, so you’re going to have to live with it. Anyway, I got a little curious last night at the rate of homicides per day in Baltimore […]