Pro Tip: Tip Well

I’ve probably told you the story of the young woman at the best school of public health who was angry at housekeeping staff for blocking the bathroom while it was being cleaned. The young woman was angry that she had to walk to another part of the building to use another bathroom. She complained as [...]

Almost back to normal

My internet hosting service had some sort of hiccup. I lost about two weeks worth of posts. I'm trying to recover them, but I'm also switching hosting providers. The web address will be the same for the time being, but I might change it in the future. We'll see. Anyway, please let me know if [...]

More fun with visualizations

I just discovered a new WordPress plugin (bit of code to help the site do stuff), and I am amazed by it. Well, I shouldn't be amazed. The things that these kids can come up with given time and a computer. Anyway, here's a map I created using the visualizer plugin: [visualizer id="8460"] Pretty cool, [...]