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Your Obsession with Data

People are hungry for more and more data about the pandemic. It’s not that they are trained on how to use it. It’s just that they want to have some sort of control over the situation. They need just a little more faith in the professionals.

“Interstellar” is my generation’s space opera

My wife and I went to watch “Interstellar” on an IMAX screen yesterday, and, let me tell you… This movie is my generation’s “2001: A Space Odyssey” for many reasons. Spoilers ahead, so read at your own peril. THE FIRST ACT The movie begins with us getting to know “Cooper” and his small family. His son Tom is a lot…

That moment when you’re “creeped-out” by history

My wife and I went to New Oxford, Pennsylvania, for lunch today when we noticed that there were a number of people walking around in military uniforms. Their uniforms were not contemporary, however. They were uniforms from World War II, and there were some people who looked like they were in costumes from that same era. After lunch, my wife…

Mob mentality

When the chips are down, we’re all a bunch of primates following the herd. Or are we? And can we leverage this mentality to improve the public’s health?

It’s always “them”

There was a stabbing last night in the town where I live. I don’t know the full details of it, but it happened downtown. The local newspaper has been adopting social media as a better way to get the news out. Not very many people buy the printed edition of the paper anymore. Anyway, the newspaper posted about the stabbing…