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That day I stepped into a “Kitchen Nightmare”

I’m trying to get through some of the required readings for the week, and I have “Kitchen Nightmares” playing in the background. For those of you who have not seen that television show, it’s about Chef Gordon Ramsay going from one restaurant to another and helping the owners get back on their feet. One of the things he does, besides sampling the food and commenting on how awful it is and why he’s not surprised that the place is having money problems, is step into the kitchen and inspect it. He goes all over the kitchen and looks at the walls, the corners, the back of the stoves, under the ovens, etc. He then goes into the walk-in freezer and looks at how fresh — or not — the food is in there.

Sick of sick people (Slightly NSFW)

There is a public health message in here somewhere…


It’s true. One of the big ways in which you can contribute to public health is by staying home when you’re sick and keeping the illness there. You don’t want to give something very serious to someone who is already sick from cancer or advanced HIV/AIDS.

Then again, why get sick to begin with? Get all your vaccines, wash your hands, and stay away from sick people.

The diagnosis you want or the diagnosis you need?

Ah, the US healthcare system. It’s so big and bloated and incredibly complicated. If I were to break a bone right now, I’d have to go to the ER, wait a few hours to be seen, wait some more to get an x-ray, wait a little more to get it in a cast. God forbid I need an orthopedic consult…

I don’t think that was mud

News comes to us out of Michigan where a whole bunch of participants in the Tough Mudder race at the Michigan International Speedway came down with a gastrointestinal infection due to norovirus. According to The Detroit News: “A handful of participants in the 12-mile obstacle course told The Detroit News they fell ill the day after the race. Brooke Schmitz, 40,…