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Instagram pictures update

If you've been following the blog for a while, you may have noticed that I would post my Instagram pictures every few days. I noticed that this was increasing my post count and eating at the data storage for the blog. It didn't make any sense to keep doing that since the pictures are hosted ...

“What? We’re lazy.”

"What? We're lazy."

Salamander on a tree stump

Salamander on a tree stump

Enjoying music at Artscape

Enjoying music at Artscape

I hope you see the irony in this

I hope you see the irony in this

German Shepherd Dog cheering for Germany

German Shepherd Dog cheering for Germany

Cat not to be bothered

Cat not to be bothered

Cat on windowsill

Cat on windowsill

Frick Park in Pittsburgh with a Dog

Frick Park in Pittsburgh with a Dog

Baby birds under our deck

Baby birds under our deck