Whose Land Is It Anyway?

Found this video last night. It’s very poignant, especially with the current tensions in Israel. We could probably say the same about a lot of places in the world, always getting conquered and re-conquered by different peoples, but Palestine and the conflicts in it affect us all in many ways.


War is good for something, right?

I’ve never been to war, but I can imagine that it is awful. The buildings around you destroyed, and all the comforts of life taken away. Your friends, colleagues, and other people around you killed. Dead. Looking at pictures of war-torn areas, I imagine war to be the absolute, most hideous thing we can do as human beings. Casus belli On the other hand, there are times when war is inevitable and maybe even necessary. I wish that it wasn’t, but there are times when an enemy comes at you in an attempt to destroy you or one of your friends. Looking back on history, there probably was no other way to stop the Nazi war machine other than through war. So I’m thankful that millions of men and women around the world decided to not be pacifists and launched into action. The Other Side Of The Coin But there are times when war seems totally unnecessary, stupid even. As

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