The Adversity That Will Shape You

When I was four years old, my mother bought me an old red bicycle at a garage sale. I didn’t know how to ride a bicycle, but I wanted to learn so I could ride with the kids in my neighborhood. As you probably guessed, I hit the ground several times while learning to ride. A couple of those times drew tears. One or two drew blood. In a short time, however, I learned how to ride a bicycle. I didn’t just learn to ride the red bike, I learned to ride any bike. When mom and dad bought me a brand new bicycle for Christmas, I rode that sucker into the ground. In essence, those times I fell and cried and bled assured me of a lifelong lesson, and that was not the only lifelong lesson that came with a lot of pain. Mistakes, you could say, made me who I am today. One mistake after another allowed me

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