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Epidemiological Podcast S0E2: The Weight of the Evidence

On today’s podcast, I talk to you about a recent tragedy in our family and how it helped me understand anti-vaccine parents a little more. Not completely, but just enough to realize that there is very little in the way of a debate that one can have with them.

See, When people who don’t believe that vaccines save lives tell you that there is no evidence that vaccines are safe, they’re either misinformed or lying. On the flip side, when they tell you that there is evidence that vaccines cause autism, they’re either misinformed or lying again. There is plenty of evidence for both arguments out there, but only one set of “studies” pass the biological plausibility test (not to say anything about ethics).

However, because an injury (perceived or real) to a child triggers such a deep-seeded, primal reaction, it’s hard to be logical or reasonable. When parents see autism as death (when it’s not), their search for answers becomes chaotic and full of inferences that are misguided. Anti-vaccine people looking to make a buck take advantage of that, and then we’re off to the races on trying to stop further harm, encourage critical thinking, and have an actual debate based on facts.

In about 33 minutes, I tell you about the different kinds of studies out there, and I explain to you why we cannot do a vaccinated vs. unvaccinated study like the antivaxxers want, but we’ve done plenty of vaccinated vs. unvaccinated studies in an ethical and scientific way.

Colombia, Day One

I arrived in Barranquilla, Colombia, early on Monday. One of the teachers at the local university where I am going to be teaching and working picked me up at the airport. The first thing I noticed was the extreme heat. It was extreme for me after a week of relatively cooler temperatures in Pennsylvania. As I stepped out of the…

How to know when “the one” is “The One”

I sat for a conversation with a friend yesterday, and we got to talking about relationships. I told her about that one relationship I had which almost drove me into the ground in so many ways a few years ago. But then I told her about my marriage, and how my wife and I started dating nine years ago this…

Talking Tuesday: Grandma and Night School


I’ve decided that I’m going to chat with you a little more. (Though some will say that I like the sound of my own voice.) I’d like to chat with you more because I need practice in speaking better English and presenting my thoughts in a coherent way without the use of a backspace button. So here is the first of my “Talking Tuesday” mini-podcast episodes. Today I bring you a quick story about my grandmother, and how she bailed me out of a tight spot back in high school. I hope you enjoy it.

What makes a father or a dad?

The definition of a father is different than a dad, but both have a heavy influence on who we are and why. My dad was not always around, but plenty of people were willing and able to be fatherly and push me ahead…