After having no luck in finding a sunflower patch near my house, I drove down to the Virginia-Maryland line (aka the Potomac River) and found one in a park. The owners set it up for people to go to, but they also did it so that birds would be attracted to the area… So the birds could be hunted. While there was plenty of gunshots in the distance, there was no one hunting near the flowers.

Sunflowers are my favorite flowers, by the way. They get their energy from the sun, and they’re good against zombies.

Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland speaks of addressing heroin epidemic, but will he act?

Maryland Governor Larry Hogan presented his plan to address heroin addiction in Maryland yesterday. Unlike some of his more conservative counterparts, Gov. Hogan clearly stated that heroin addiction — like all addiction — is a disease, and that people with the disease need to be helped:

“”This used to be considered an urban problem, but it’s not anymore,” he said. All over the state, he said, local officials told him heroin had become their No. 1 problem. The governor said he felt a personal connection because a cousin died of an overdose a couple of years ago.

“I know the kind of devastation it can cause for families and communities, but still I was shocked by how widespread this problem had become,” he said.

Hogan said heroin was both a law enforcement problem and a health issue. “This is a disease, and we will not be able to just arrest our way out of that crisis,” he said.”

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