Learn medical terms the easy way

melanoma cartoon

One of the best ways to learn is through visualization of the terms you are trying to understand. This Kickstarter project by "Medcomic.com" is aiming to help you learn medical terms in much the same way as those Saturday morning cartoons taught you about standing up to bullies, if you're a rabbit. Gorgeous visuals and bright colors will help you remember these terms, and more. Check out the Kickstarter campaign linked in the blog post.

Colombia, Day 11


I started telling you about the upcoming lecture, and how I probably ruined a kid's dreams of being a physician in the United States. But then I somehow went on to tell you about what I'll do to retire... Oh, and about microscopes and telescopes.

Talking Tuesday: The Type B Baby

What happens when two parents with type A blood give birth to a blood type B baby? Chaos. That's what. Type A parents cannot give birth to a type B baby, because genetics. But this seemed to have happened one night when I was working the lab all by myself. Was the father the baby's real father? Was the mother the baby's real mother? Did I make a mistake in typing the baby's blood? The answer probably won't surprise you, so this is more of a cautionary tale.