The Sadness of It All

When I was in high school, I participated in a magnet school program called Health Occupations Students of America. The program was aimed at attracting high school students who were looking for a career in, you guessed it, health occupations. Of course, most of the kids in the program wanted to be physicians or nurses. [...]

When You Need A Win

I've been in a funk lately. I've been grumpy and short-fused with people I care a lot about. I've been even worse to people I don't care for. The reason for this is simple, and it's something that I've seen coming every year right around this time. I'm not going to go into details of [...]

Paid or non-paid shill

Best comment ever on this blog: "Can’t take truth on your web page? So, you are afraid of someone knowing what I posted. That makes you just another paid or non paid shill." Paid or non paid. I laughed out loud. Of course, I'm not publishing the comment or the commenter's identity because they have [...]