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Pro Tip: Tip Well

I’ve probably told you the story of the young woman at the best school of public health who was angry at housekeeping staff for blocking the bathroom while it was being cleaned. The young woman was angry that she had to walk to another part of the building to use […]

Due Diligence

“There’s a sucker born every minute.” – David Hannum (often attributed to PT Barnum) I believe that charities are a really good way to help people the world over. My wife and I donate as much as we can to charities because we’re not in a position to volunteer our […]

Some people have no shame

I’m always amazed at the things that some people will do for money. Maybe I shouldn’t be amazed. After all, people kill for money. Sometimes, though, killing seems more understandable that what some other people have done. Take, for example, this Go Fund Me page: UPDATE: To further cement the […]

The price of chasing your dreams

There’s a physician that I’ve been following for a few years now on social media who has some very good ideas on where healthcare should go in order to be better and, possibly, be fixed. He has posted videos and given speeches, and he is now involved in an ambitious […]

Not Shady At All

My future brother-in-law, Jared, and I decided that it would be really neat if we had two XBOX 360 systems on two televisions in the living room at Apartment G. That way, we could both play online with his friends. I told him I had $200 to spare. It was […]