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The “Militarization” of the Johns Hopkins University Campus

There’s a bill in the Maryland State Assembly that will allow Johns Hopkins University to have its own police force. From The Baltimore Sun: “The legislation already has the backing of several Baltimore lawmakers, who said it will increase safety in the city without costing taxpayer dollars. Hopkins officials said Monday in a message to university community members that they…

The St. Louis Police Officers Association and the First Amendment

Ah, freedom of speech. Wars have been fought when voices have been silenced or when grievances have not been heard. The neat thing about the First Amendment is that it restricts the government from acting against people for saying, writing, or otherwise expressing an opinion that runs afoul of those in power. In essence, there is very little that the government…

A walk through East Baltimore

I joined a group of fellow students for a walk around East Baltimore with the Baltimore City Police Department. We got to see the neighborhood to the east of the Johns Hopkins University campus. There was a mesh of cultures and social strata. Next to dilapidated buildings were refreshed and renewed homes. Whereas some people were out enjoying the beautiful day, others were out because they had no place to call home. Baltimore is so much more than what “The Wire” made it out to be.

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It’s legal, but is it right?

We live in a country where the rule of law applies to everyone, including those in power… All in theory, of course. Still, when someone in a position of authority abuses their power and hurts us in any way, we have a set of rules on how to get relief. Deciding to make a stand for pre-conceived ideas of libertarianism at a DUI checkpoint may seem noble, but is it worth it?