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Immigration, Again

Slavery is “America’s Original Sin,” without a doubt. I think the way that the United States governments since Independence have treated immigrants is a close second. Time after time, the country seemed to settle on what being “American” was, and then the country rejected anyone not fitting the description until […]

Everyone Was Looking For Answers

My wife and I went to a town hall meeting in Carroll County, Maryland, yesterday. The meeting was about the opiate drug abuse epidemic and what different agencies and people were doing about it. The keynote speaker was an agent with the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). He gave the usual […]

To Donald Trump, I’m A Criminal

I tried to be objective and read Donal Trump’s nomination acceptance speech instead of listening to him on television. You can sometimes see something on television and misinterpret it for something worse than it seems. So I went over to and read their transcript of the speech. All I […]

A new forever war

I’ve been involved in what I thought would be a “forever war” for me for going on five years now. Of course, I’m talking about the “vaccine wars” where anti-science people continue to endanger the public by actively attempting to discredit vaccines and lowering herd immunity in different parts of […]