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Crab Cakes and Circus

With a relentless homicide epidemic ongoing, Baltimore still finds time to celebrate their football team. With so many issues around the world, we still like — and need — to be entertained.

Putting things in perspective when all things are not equal

One of the classes that I’m taking in the term that begins tomorrow is “Professional Epidemiological Methods.” The class is supposed to give us a taste for the kind of things that epidemiologists in public health practice are supposed to do. As you may or may not know, I already spent 7 years as a professional epidemiologist at the state…

I quit Facebook (for a month)

It might be a little weird that I quit Facebook tonight instead of, say, back in September when classes started. That’s the way it is with most addictions: We recognize the problem and think on it for months before we act on it. Though some people do act faster, most of us weigh our options for a while, trying to rationalize…