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A very quick presentation on influenza

I gave a very quick presentation today at our Zoonotic Disease Update. The presentation was on the public health response to a novel influenza virus situation. It was the first part of a two-part presentation on the H3N2v situation from last year. I didn’t record the second part. Sorry.

A couple of things about this presentation. It was short because it was the introduction to a longer presentation, and the whole program was running late. So I hurried it up a little bit. The other thing is that my grandmother passed the evening before. I was a little emotional, and I also didn’t get enough sleep. Furthermore, I wanted to mention my grandmother somehow in the presentation, so I got in a quick “joke” at the beginning. Finally, because I was short on time, I actually rushed through and you can tell that I was thinking too much where to splice what I was going to say. There’s even an awkward moment of silence.

All that said, plenty of people complimented me on the presentation, and plenty more congratulated me on my getting into the DrPH program. (The person introducing me mentioned it.) No one, however, mentioned to me that I had spilled pasta sauce all over my shirt at lunch. Oh, well.



My Flu Talk

I gave a 30 minute talk about influenza to a group of sanitarians the other day. The conference was held at Ft. Meade, a military installation. The story I tell at the beginning really did happen… I almost didn’t make it.