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Why hasn’t anyone told me about Social Strain Theory?

One of the questions that I see a lot in the social media postings from the Baltimore City Police Department is “Why?” Many people ask why one person would kill another, or they ask why anyone would kill a child. Then along come the trolls and write a stupid answer to what is a legit question. The trolls will write…

Talking Tuesday: Driving To A Gig

I apologize for the audio quality at some points. I was driving, and it’s obvious that I have a wire throwing out some interference someplace. Almost 18 minutes of me telling you what I think about the measles outbreak and about me calling a radio station to kind of influence the discussion on vaccines. Pardon the background noise. Dodge engines,…

Interview on the radio

I did the following radio interview back in April of 2010, shortly after the 2009 influenza pandemic, for Maryland Morning. It’s ten minutes that seemed eternal to me because of the questions she threw at me. (If you don’t see the audio player to play the interview in your browser, you’ll see a download link.)


Featured image credit: Brandon Christopher Warren / Foter.com / CC BY-NC