Colombia, Day 20

Remember that feeling you got when you were thrown into a seemingly impossible situation, far from all your friends and family, far from all your comforts? I had that feeling for a few days at the beginning of this adventure. Even now, 20 days in, I get the feeling from time to time. But I've adapted. I've come to understand that different people in different cultures may or may not do things differently. We're all people. Here are some thoughts of the last three weeks and how my brain has come to let me understand how things work here, and come to terms with them.

A cake and an agenda

A friend of mine on Facebook, whom I've known since I was a teenager, posted a story about a couple who was forced into bankruptcy because of a cake. Or, rather, that's the way that the story is being spun. The owners of "Sweet Cakes by Melissa" didn't want to sell a wedding cake to [...]

For God’s sake!

There is a mega church in Texas that is being shamed a little bit. See, their pastor has a helicopter, and the helicopter needed new blades. (Helicopters need blades to fly, I've heard.) The upgrade would cost some money, so the pastor sent out a letter to the congregation: "My Aviation manager stated that while [...]

Too much religiosity

I went to a mental health summit today which was hosted by a faith-based mental health counseling organization. I was excited to go because it was aimed at the mental health needs of the Hispanic (Latino) population in Pennsylvania. Indeed, there were plenty of people there of Hispanic descent, and some of the presenters repeated [...]

You need to know your Chavezes

March 31, 2013, was Easter in the United States. For quite a while now, March 31 has been Cesar Chavez day in some States in the country. Also for some time, Google has been displaying "doodles" on their homepage. These doodles are images or even small computer games to celebrate the date. On March 31, [...]