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World Cup 2014 Playoffs Prediction: Round of 8

After Mexico went breaking my heart in a good game that was taken away from them through a cheating cheater who cheats, you’d think that the World Cup would be pretty much over for me. It is and it isn’t. I’m a soccer fan, so I’ll keep watching, hoping for some more upsets.

The day I forgot to speak English

I’ve been playing soccer for a very long time. In fact, I can remember the first time I played soccer back when I was six years old and my cousin Danny came to visit me in Juarez. There were some kids out on the street kicking the ball around, and we decided to challenge them to a game. I don’t…

Tercera fecha del hexagonal de la CONCACAF rumbo a Brasil

La selección mexicana de futbol está en aprietos. De eso no hay duda. De tres partidos disputados, donde nueve puntos estaban al alcance, los mexicanos solo han logrado sumar tres puntos en tres empates. Claro, esto es solo el inicio del hexagonal final de la CONCACAF, y la diferencia entre México con tres puntos y Panamá en la cima con…