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Talking Tuesday: Spanish Interview on Flu Edition

Back in 2010, right before the flu season started, the bosses at the health department allowed me to do an interview with an AM radio station out of Washington, DC. The interviewer was awesome, and she really did a good job of asking pertinent questions and keeping my answers in line. It was a great opportunity to practice public speaking and speaking in Spanish. Although it is my first language, sometimes I forget some of its conventions. I’ve speaking English too long, I guess.

A movie you should watch: “Hermano”

“Hermano” is a Venezuelan production directed by Marcel Rasquin. The movie is set in present-day (2010’s) Caracas, Venezuela, with most of the action taking place in a shantytown on the outskirts of the city. If you like soccer, drama, and you want to look at the power of family — […]

El suicidio corre en las familias

De acuerdo a un estudio en Estados Unidos, la tendencia al suicidio corre en las familias. En ese estudio, los familiares de primer grado (hermanos, padres, hijos) tenían un riesgo de 4 veces lo normal, aun cuando se tomaron en consideración los desórdenes psiquiátricos. Es decir, el suicidio no tenía […]