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The day I forgot to speak English

I’ve been playing soccer for a very long time. In fact, I can remember the first time I played soccer back when I was six years old and my cousin Danny came to visit me in Juarez. There were some kids out on the street kicking the ball around, and we decided to challenge them to a game. I don’t…

Video of the day: Decorticate and Decerebrate

As someone who’s had a couple of concussions, I can tell you that the feeling of lost time and lost memory — and the ensuing days and weeks of just not feeling yourself — is really something you should avoid. Why the NFL allows players to go back to play as early as one week after a knockout concussion is beyond me. Trust me when I tell you that it takes a very, very long time before you’re back to 100% and not feeling like something is wrong in your head. Now, for your cringing and enjoyment, a collection of decorticate and decerebrate posturing resulting from damage to the brain from knockouts.