Quarantine Shmarantine! Part 2: Let us not forget John Early of North Carolina

A few weeks ago, I told you the different reasons why I believe that quarantine doesn't work. My main argument boils down to the fact that human beings can think and plan and act when they feel that they are in danger. Being placed in an isolated area (e.g. a tent outside a hospital) and not allowed to see friends and family makes us feel in danger. Being told by the governor of a state in the United States that you are "obviously ill" makes you feel in danger. Seeing incompetence and panic over Ebola everywhere around you makes you feel in danger.

You need to know your Chavezes

March 31, 2013, was Easter in the United States. For quite a while now, March 31 has been Cesar Chavez day in some States in the country. Also for some time, Google has been displaying "doodles" on their homepage. These doodles are images or even small computer games to celebrate the date. On March 31, [...]