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Guns and Suicide

This is going to be about suicide. Please click here to be taken to something lighter if you don’t feel like reading this today. It will always be here for you to read. I won’t get offended if you go check out puppies. I’m not really surprised when I hear […]

Those who are divorced from reality

NOTE: Before you read any further, please consider bidding on an 8×10 print of a palace building in Korea. All proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders. Click here to check it out. Thank you. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there were 39,518 suicides in the […]

The Suicide Emergency

As part of my schoolwork this term, I’ve been doing a lot of research into suicide in the United States. It’s a delicate subject in my family because of events in the recent past, but, like any other fear of mine, I’ve decided to grab it by the horns, look […]

El suicidio corre en las familias

De acuerdo a un estudio en Estados Unidos, la tendencia al suicidio corre en las familias. En ese estudio, los familiares de primer grado (hermanos, padres, hijos) tenían un riesgo de 4 veces lo normal, aun cuando se tomaron en consideración los desórdenes psiquiátricos. Es decir, el suicidio no tenía […]

A new forever war

I’ve been involved in what I thought would be a “forever war” for me for going on five years now. Of course, I’m talking about the “vaccine wars” where anti-science people continue to endanger the public by actively attempting to discredit vaccines and lowering herd immunity in different parts of […]