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The School Subjects You Need to Know

What is the most basic thing a society needs to thrive? What does my daughter need to be successful? As it turns out, it’s not that difficult to have a well trained and well educated society. You just need good schools.

The technology you’ll use and abuse

Someone on the radio was saying the other day that we humans are not biologically ready for all the technology that we’ve developed in the last couple of hundred years. They said that this is especially true of technologies like the internet, where a ton of information is available at our fingertips, but our brains are nowhere near ready to…

R Programming and the New Epidemiologists

When I started working as an epidemiologist at a state health department, one of the most often used tools was the Microsoft Office Suite of programs. I used Excel for data analysis and visualization, Access to create and manage databases, Power Point to create presentations, and Word to create reports. Nevertheless, I’ve always been an early adopter when it comes…

The new epidemiologists

I’m on my way right now — literally on a plane as I write this — to Minneapolis for a gathering of people who want to do disease surveillance a little differently. Seriously, the guest list reads like a who is who of the epidemiological world… Well, the world I’m connected into. The “old guard” of epidemiology is not on…