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Experimenting With Pirate Audio

The Problem: I have an old radio that I want to refurbish and make into a streaming internet radio. Sure, I could just throw it away, but I’m not that wasteful. My uncles fixed radios and televisions, and they lost more and more work when electronics started getting cheap and […]

The Technology You’ll Love

I’m writing this on an Ubuntu Linux machine. The machine is a Raspberry Pi 4. I had heard about the Raspberry Pi machines a while ago, but I didn’t really get interested until recently. I’ve been picking up more and more little projects to do during downtime since the weather […]

The new epidemiologists

I’m on my way right now — literally on a plane as I write this — to Minneapolis for a gathering of people who want to do disease surveillance a little differently. Seriously, the guest list reads like a who is who of the epidemiological world… Well, the world I’m […]