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Twenty Years Since…

Most if not all of my friends and family looked at me like I was a salamander on a salad when I told them that I wanted to move out to the East Coast after college. I had never been east of the Mississippi. The farthest from the El Paso […]

Colombia, 2015

It is June 2015 and I’m riding in the smallest of cars on a highway leading out of Barranquilla, Colombia. I’m in the car with an epidemiologist from the state health department, and we are on our way to a place far from the city in a small town in […]

Pro Tip: Tip Well

I’ve probably told you the story of the young woman at the best school of public health who was angry at housekeeping staff for blocking the bathroom while it was being cleaned. The young woman was angry that she had to walk to another part of the building to use […]

Up in the air

I’ve always been amazed that we as humans have learned how to get multi-ton machines up in the air. Yes, I know that it has to do with physics and science, but it still feels like a miracle. Now, if I could only get rid of my fear uneasiness of turbulence. […]

Colombia, Day 3

It’s amazing how a nice, long walk can help clear out the cobwebs from a busy day. If you’re a stranger in a strange land, like I am now, it will also help you get to know the place where you are. I went for a long walk and found […]

How hot could it be, anyway?

This summer promises to be filled with excitement and lot of hard work. The opportunities are going to be there for the taking. One of those opportunities has me traveling overseas to do some very important and exciting work. However, they tell me that it’s going to be hot… Very hot.

Thoughts on Korea

My trip to Korea is coming to an end, and I must confess that I’m going to miss it when I’m back home. I’m not going to miss it like I miss home right now, but I am going to miss the big city that is Seoul. It doesn’t compare […]