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Respect the Police, or Be Killed

Take a look at the slide being presented in this story from The Baltimore Sun: It reads: “If you are stopped, questioned, or detained by a law enforcement official: Approach him or her with respect. Retain your composure and conduct yourself in a mature manner. Avoid any action or language that […]

Imagine This, but with Guns…

One of the most common counter-arguments from people who oppose any form of gun control is that people will kill people with other “tools” if guns are not around. They’ll say that guns are just “tools” and that it’s the “bad” person holding the gun who has a say in […]

The Charmed City on edge

I’m sitting at the school of public health about a mile from the court house where the trial of Officer William Porter is taking place. Officer Porter is one of six police officers accused in the death of Freddie Gray. Mr. Gray’s death back in April set off a series […]

Where to intervene?

I sat down over the weekend and worked out a conceptual/theoretical framework for my thesis, and it has really turned my head to mush.   When you see most of the things that raise the risk of a person being the victim of homicide in Baltimore, you kind of get […]