That moment when you’re “creeped-out” by history

My wife and I went to New Oxford, Pennsylvania, for lunch today when we noticed that there were a number of people walking around in military uniforms. Their uniforms were not contemporary, however. They were uniforms from World War II, and there were some people who looked like they were in costumes from that same era. After lunch, my wife and I walked over to a camp that was set up at the train station. We would later find out that it is all part of a reenactment done each year to celebrate New Oxford’s veterans. The reenactment consists of a simulated liberation of a French town by Allied forces. It’s not very elaborate or very big, but it’s interesting. Even more interesting to me was seeing the “celebration” and remembrance of how the Axis soldiers lived and the equipment they had. I think that we often forget that wars have living, breathing human beings involved in them, and that

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Whose Land Is It Anyway?

Found this video last night. It’s very poignant, especially with the current tensions in Israel. We could probably say the same about a lot of places in the world, always getting conquered and re-conquered by different peoples, but Palestine and the conflicts in it affect us all in many ways.


What war crimes? What state of war?

It’s been a while since I’ve written about anti-vaccine activists and their doings because, frankly, I could do without the hassle. Whenever I write about them, or say something about them, or confront them online or in person, they get very, very nasty. Sometimes I worry about my safety and that of my family. But, alas, it’s a fight that must be fought because the lies and misinformation they spread really do hurt people. It’s about looking out for the public’s health. The only exhibit I have at this moment on how nasty these folks can be is a letter from an anti-vaccine activist to a former CDC head honcho. I’ll first give you excerpts with commentary and then I’ll give you the screenshots of the scanned letter. And, before the accusations of impropriety start flying around, these documents were obtained through, a repository of court-submitted documents… Public documents, that is. And this letter is part of a court

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Measles in Pakistan: Politics, People, and Guns

[row][span size=’5′]A lot of bad things have come together in Pakistan to produce an outbreak of measles that is incredible in its scope and size. According to news reports, there have been almost 12,000 cases reported in the Punjab region of Pakistan over the last 5 months. That’s 2,400 cases per month, or about 80 cases per day. It’s just too big to understand.[/span][span size=’3′][show-map id=’9′][/span][/row]

War is good for something, right?

I’ve never been to war, but I can imagine that it is awful. The buildings around you destroyed, and all the comforts of life taken away. Your friends, colleagues, and other people around you killed. Dead. Looking at pictures of war-torn areas, I imagine war to be the absolute, most hideous thing we can do as human beings. Casus belli On the other hand, there are times when war is inevitable and maybe even necessary. I wish that it wasn’t, but there are times when an enemy comes at you in an attempt to destroy you or one of your friends. Looking back on history, there probably was no other way to stop the Nazi war machine other than through war. So I’m thankful that millions of men and women around the world decided to not be pacifists and launched into action. The Other Side Of The Coin But there are times when war seems totally unnecessary, stupid even. As

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