Twenty Years Since…

Most if not all of my friends and family looked at me like I was a salamander on a salad when I told them that I wanted to move out to the East Coast after college. I had never been east of the Mississippi. The farthest from the El Paso region that I had gone [...]

Operation Onesimus

Onesimus was an African slave brought by force to what was then the Massachusetts Colony. The knowledge and wisdom he brought with him saved lives at a time when smallpox was pandemic. I hope to be able to use all of the knowledge and wisdom of the people around me to do what I can in this pandemic.

Colombia, Day One

I arrived in Barranquilla, Colombia, early on Monday. One of the teachers at the local university where I am going to be teaching and working picked me up at the airport. The first thing I noticed was the extreme heat. It was extreme for me after a week of relatively cooler temperatures in Pennsylvania. As [...]