A Visit to the Phoenix Zoo

While my wife was at a conference in Phoenix, I took the light rail (and walked a mile and a half) to go to the zoo. The lines to get in were very long, but I got in quickly by pulling out the phone and buying the ticket online. It was $25, and the ticket ...

The Grand Canyon

My wife and I escaped Phoenix for a couple of days and went up to the Grand Canyon. We had never been there. It was pretty awesome. (I've seen the Copper Canyon in Mexico, which is bigger, but different.) We took some pictures. Most were taken by her, though.

Red Dawn

I'm not much of a morning person, but waking up early to see this was worth it. Look at those primary colors!

A Day of Protesting in Baltimore

A group of mostly Latin American immigrants held a protest in Baltimore on Thursday, February 16, 2017, to protest the current executive actions on immigration. I took some pictures.


I'm missing summer a lot this winter. I can't wait to be able to go back out and see the sunflowers growing again.

Dog on the Rocks

The German Shepherd Dog and I went up to Hammonds Rocks early in the morning last week to take in the sunrise. It was about 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but that didn't stop us. It certainly didn't stop the dog. She loves the cold weather. Me? Not so much. I should have brought gloves, especially for ...

The old warbirds of World War II

The day was beautiful for some nice pictures of two old World War II bombers and a P-51 Mustang.

The Spider By The Porch Light

You'll find the most beautiful monsters just outside your door.

Horses Around My Neighborhood

We live in a rural part of Pennsylvania, and there are a lot of horse farms around our neighborhood. It's always a treat to drive by them and seeing the horses running around, the babies and their mommas, or just seeing them eat together in a herd. The German Shepherd Dog came along on this photographic excursion.

Barranquilla Zoo

Pictures from my trip to the Barranquilla Zoo today.